52 Ancestors: Henry Bishop #24

This week’s theme is Father’s Day.

My father was a contrarian. He always loved the underdog best and often took the less popular side of an argument. One of his more interesting assertions was that if he had lived during the American Revolution, he would have been a Loyalist instead of fighting for the Revolution. He said this long before I had done enough research to know how many of his ancestors fought for our side. There were at least five, maybe more.

Several were Scots-Irish and fought in Pennsylvania. Henry Bishop and his brothers Nicholas, John, and William fought in South Carolina. His father Nicholas Sr. also participated in the war as a juror and as a prisoner of war.

Henry was killed in the Battle at Hanging Rock in August 1780, leaving behind his wife Elizabeth (last name unknown) and a daughter, Hannah, who was my 4th-great-grandmother. Some older family histories say the family came from New Castle, Delaware, but the profiles in the DAR database only give approximate birthdates and no places of birth. An area for future research.

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