52 Ancestors: Lucy Sylvester #37

This week’s 52 Ancestors theme is the ancestor with the “birthday closest to yours.” According to my research, I don’t have anyone sharing my birthday, not even brothers and sisters of ancestors. I’ve already written about the ancestor whose birthday was closest: Jonathan Ellis, born April 11, 1762. Next in line is Lucy Sylvester Morse, born April 8, 1790.

Lucy was born in Brunswick, ME to Joseph and Lucy (Wade) Sylvester. Not much is known about her life other than she married Joseph Morse, Jr. at 16 in 1806 and had five children with him. She died in 1869 and was buried in Growstown Cemetery in Brunswick.

A tall headstone for Joseph Morse and Lucy Sylvester Morse
Headstone for Joseph Morse and Lucy Sylvester Morse. Photo Copyright 2017, Deborah A. Barber


Joseph C Anderson, Jonathan W Forsaith, compiler, Vital records of Brunswick, Maine 1740-1860 : and the Forsaith book of Brunswick family records compiled 1876-1880 by Jonathan W. Forsaith, town clerk (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 2004), 508.

1 thought on “52 Ancestors: Lucy Sylvester #37

  1. Always a shame not to know more about our female ancestors — and always a challenge discovering their full story! But at least you have located this wonderful headstone.

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