52 Ancestors: Sarah Ann “Sadie” Green #48

The 52 Ancestors theme for week 48 was “Next to Last”

Two of my 3rd great-grandparents on my paternal grandfather’s side, Jasper Green and Angelina Frazier had eleven children together before Angelina died sometime between 1852 and 1860. Their 10th – next to last – child was Sarah Ann Green, called Sadie or Sadie Ann. She was born in 1849, probably in Londonderry, Ohio since that was where the family lived in 1850. According to the 1860 census, she and her younger sister Martha Jane were the only children born in Ohio.

After her mother died, she went with her father and some of her sisters and brothers to Genoa Township, Ohio.  She married Solomon Gleason Barber in 1867 and they settled in Blendon Township, Ohio until 1876. Then they moved to Jacksonville, Texas.

The biography George Barber wrote about the original Barber settlers in Jacksonville gives a lot of information about Solomon, but not much about Sadie. Solomon died before she did, so she was eligible for a widow’s pension because of his Civil War service. She died in 1918 and was buried next to Solomon in Afton-Grove Cemetery in Cherokee County, Texas.



George L. Barber, “Solomon Gleason Barber,” Jacksonville: the Story of a Dynamic Community, 1872-1972 (Jacksonville Centennial Corp., 1972), 82-84.

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