The 1950 Census Is Here!

The 1950 U.S. census is now available to view on the NARA website. An event that all genealogists, professional or not, have been waiting for!

Finding the Sewards in Arkansas

The first members of my family I searched for were my Mom and her parents. I knew they were living in the town of Arkadelphia at that time and thought they might be easier to find than my father’s family in Houston, TX. After choosing the state of Arkansas and the county of Clark (Arkadelphia wasn’t a choice) I put in the surname of Seward. The second choice of the results list was the right one. My grandfather Donald Seward was one of the extracted names. Here is the full size image.

Grandpa, Grandma, Mom & her 3 sisters

Where the information about their birth states came from is a mystery. Grandpa Seward was the only family member born in Michigan and Aunt Helen was the only one born in Arkansas. They did get his profession correct: he was teaching math at Ouachita Baptist College.

Here is a photo taken around that same time. Grandma is not in it, so she was probably behind the camera.

Grandpa Seward in the middle, my mother Ann on the right

Finding the Barbers in Houston, TX

Finding my father’s family was harder. I chose Texas for the state, Houston, Harris for the city, typed in Glen Barber and … found several Barbers, but not Glen. There are a lot of Barbers in Texas, even in Houston. For this family, going through the Unified Census ED Finder was more successful. I had to choose “Other” for the city and type in “South Side” because the city where they actually lived was Southside Place, an incorporated city that is now surrounded by the city of Houston.

I got two ED links in my results. The first one wasn’t the one I needed, but the second was and narrowing the search in the NARA website by my Granddad’s name gave me the right result. All four in the family were born in Texas (my Grandparents lived all their lives there) and the enumerator got that correct. Go here for a full-size image.

The Barber family in 1950

Granddad Glen Barber was a Radio Technician at Shell Oil, Grandmom Joan was keeping house and my father Rodney and Aunt Sandra were both in school. Grandmom was on a sample line. I can tell it is her at a distance from her parents place of birth: England.

1 thought on “The 1950 Census Is Here!

  1. Glad you found these people in the Census! Looking at my ancestors, it’s clear the enumerators didn’t get the details directly but most likely from a neighbor. Sometimes the notes indicated info was not from the actual people but was “best available” because after 4 callbacks, my ancestors weren’t home and didn’t respond!

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